ITI (Women)
IMC Society has been constituted in November 2009 for active involvement of industry in the management of the institution.
Memorandum of Agreement has been signed with Maruti Suzuki India Limited for Up gradation of ITI (Women) at Gurgaon under the scheme ‘Up gradation of 1396 Government Industrial Training Institutes’ through Public Private Partnership.

An Institute Development Plan (IDP) has been prepared for ITI (W). The salient features are:

  • Upgrade the ITI into Centre of Excellence in Apparels.
  • Upgrade the existing trades and start course on Computer training.
  • Improve the quality of training by providing latest infrastructure and training to staff.
  • Introduce cultural and extra-curricular activities for overall development
  • Improve the linkage with community and industry
Maruti ITI Gurgaon
Chairman's Message
ITI (Women) Gurgaon has taken the first step towards upgradation by formation of IMC-Society. We are privileged to have industry leaders like GIVO
Maruti ITI Gurgaon
Head- Mistress Message
Govt. Industrial Training Institute For Women, Gurgaon has the vision of empowering women by inculcating technological skills amongst women to empower them for gainful employment & self employment through technical education.