Industry Partner & ITI
ITI Gurgaon was set-up in the year 1959 with an aim to provide skilled manpower to industry. With time, the gap between the quality of manpower demanded by the industry and produced by ITI has widened. That is when government articulated the need to associate corporate in this venture. This thought is further emphasized by the study conducted by the government which says that there is a huge gap in the availability of skilled manpower. This is when Maruti Suzuki came forward and took this social responsibility. It was in the year 2006 when an MOU was signed for adoption of four ITIs by Maruti Suzuki and its joint ventures. MSIL adopted ITI Gurgaon and ITI Rohtak.

MSIL benchmarked ITI against two of the most prestigious technical training institutes of India – Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Bangalore and Bosch Vocational Centre, Bangalore. The objective was to “Develop ITI into an Institute which creates skilled technical hands with high degree of employability”.